Chris Butler

Cardiff North Brexit Party Parliamentary Candidate.

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Promoted by Paul Oakden on behalf of the Brexit Party both of 83, Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0HW.

A Clean Brexit

  The Brexit Party believes that in the long term only a clean break with the EU will allow the UK to really prosper. A fully independent UK will have much greater flexibility to adapt our laws and regulations in a rapidly changing world. Wales voted for Brexit in the Referendum, and in the last European elections the Brexit Party topped the poll in Cardiff. 

Investment in Wales

The Brexit Party has identified massive savings to be made by ending payments to Europe and scrapping HS2. At least £12bn more will be coming to Wales to build the roads, railways and broadband that Wales needs. That includes building the M4 relief road – our Labour masters have broken their promise to build it.

Addressing Local Issues

Dense housing pressure in Cardiff has not been matched by adequate investment in transport and NHS provision. Commuting in Cardiff is a nightmare. Cardiff needs green belt to protect its surrounding countryside. The Brexit Party has promised to build more local GP surgeries in Wales to improve access to primary care.